Group highlights

The MAG Group’s structure at the reporting date, illustrated below, is the same as at the previous year end.

The only non-controlling interests are in SAT – Società Aeroporto del Tronto S.p.A. (“SAT”), held by local public bodies1.

In accordance with the group’s organisational and business model, the group companies are substantially allocated to the following two main operating segments or Strategic Business Units (“SBU”) which, in turn, are divided into business lines:

  • Aircraft Systems (“ASY”), whose product lines include safety-critical systems, specifically landing gear, flight controls, actuators, dampening and hydraulic systems; and
  • Aircraft Services (“ASE”), which includes the Cabin Comfort Systems (“CCS”) business line, which offers technological/functional cabin systems co-designed with OEMs, and the Aircraft Services (“AS”) business line, focused on the supply of interiors (including customised), reconfiguration, maintenance and repair services.

Each SBU, comprised of the relevant business lines, has its own range of products and services:

  1. The Ascoli Piceno municipal authorities.