Single business model

From a more strictly legal/corporate standpoint, MAG has adopted an organisational model, entailing management and coordination among the various entities, to pursue and implement a single model, as conceived by Jaeger1, which includes:

  • the identification of consistent and harmonious targets and strategic plans at group level and for each individual group company;
  • the preparation of annual budgets and five-year business plans for the group and the individual companies;
  • the implementation of forecast and control models;
  • ongoing updates of the group’s organisational structure.

Each of these components has been approved by the relevant corporate bodies. The parent is responsible for defining and checking strategic matters and policies concerning the SBUs into which the group’s activity is divided.

  1. Rozenblum Doctrine. Pier Giusto Jaeger, L’interesse sociale, Giuffré, 1964. “L’interesse sociale tra valorizzazione del capitale e protezione degli Stakeholders. In ricordo di Pier Giusto Jaeger”. Quaderni di Giurusprudenza Commerciale, Giuffré, 2010