SHARE CAPITAL. The composition of share capital is described in the section on corporate governance (see SHAREHOLDERS).

Institutional investors, which are all Italian residents, own a significant portion of the parent MAG’s share capital.

There are non-controlling investors as well, as a result of the local public entity’s1 5.26% investment in the wholly-owned subsidiary SAT.

DIVIDENDS. MAG’s shareholders have adopted a policy that does not provide for the distribution of dividends. Profits are entirely reinvested in operations.

RELATIONSHIPS WITH INVESTORS AND FINANCIAL ANALYSTS. MAG’s financial reporting policy is based on integrity, transparency and continuity, with a maturity that tends to anticipate its growth process.

In line with the group’s growth in size and complexity, the main steps in the preparation of financial information are summarised below:

LITIGATION. There is no litigation with shareholders either pending at this time or in the past.

  1. The Ascoli Piceno municipal authorities.